The best rodeo bull in yorkshire
Bridlington Inflatable Events - Bucking Bully Yorkshires Best Rodeo Bull

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Can your rodeo be used indoors and outdoors?  
A1) Yes. Our rodeo machines can be used indoor and outdoor in most weather conditions including rain, where a free marquee is provided.

Q2) What is the area required for the inflatable airbed indoors/outdoors?  
A2)The area required by the inflatable airbed is 17ft by 17ft, this can be outdoors or indoors.If the Marquee is required then a space of 25ftx25ft is required.

Q3) What room height is required? 
A3) A floor to ceiling clearance of 9ft is required for our rodeo machines and inflatable airbed.

Q4) Do I the customer have to get insurance cover?  
A4) We are fully insured (up to five million pounds) to operate our rodeo machines, indoors and outdoors at any event or location.

Q5) Can you change the speed of your rodeo machine? 
A5) Yes, various speeds are available. We can accomodate the absolute beginner, elderly and young children to sucidal practitioners!

Q6) Can you put on competition and party games for my guests? 
 A6) Yes, you can compete against your friends and family. We use a rodeo timer to measure how long each rider can last on our bucking bronco.

Q7) Does the rodeo fit though a doorway?  
A7) Yes, a standard size doorway found in typical homes.The wider the better!

Q8) Is the rodeo easily transported?  
A8) Yes, the rodeo machines and accesories are transported carefully by our staff and using a long wheel based van.

Q9) How long does the rodeo take to set up? 
A9) Normally between 30 and 45minutes, we triple check and test all aspects of our rides to ensure they are safe before riding.If the disco lights are required additional time must be allowed.

Q10) Do you need help to set up? 
A10) No, our staff are fully trained and insured to setup the rodeo rides. It is important that we set it up fully to guerentee it is safe for the party.

Q11) Can the rodeo be taken up stairs? 
A11) Yes, our staff will endevour to setup your rodeo where ever your party is being held.

Q12) Do you need a power supply? 
A12)A standard household power supply of 230/240v can be used. Basicly, in all UK households, pubs and other party buildings.

Q13) Does the rodeo come with lighting? 
A13) Yes, free party/disco lighting can be provided.

Q14) Does the rodeo come with any rain cover?
 A14) Yes, a free inflatable marquee can be provided for outdoor events incase the weather is poor. It can ofcourse be used indoors in dance halls to make for more of a party center piece.

Q15) What sized area is required if needed a marquee?  
A15) The inflatable marquee needs a space of 25ft by 25ft indoors or outdoors.

Q16) What is the airbed? 
A16) The airbed is like a bouncy castle material that surrounds the rodeo giving you the rider a safe landing. The area covered is large so there is never a risk of falling from the bronco onto hard ground.

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